Harmony Professional Counseling

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(215) 568-5900

2400 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19103
United States

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Appointments available Monday - Thursday 11am - 8pm, and Fridays 11am - 6pm. Some therapists occasionally see a few patients on Saturdays. The office staff answers phone calls 10am - 6pm Monday - Friday and a voicemail system takes routine messages and gives emergency instructions at other times.


A long term construction project on the Chestnut Street Bridge may cause delays, please check here for more information.


Indoor parking is available at the 2400 Chestnut Street Garage. The garage is accessible from Chestnut Street and operates on an automated system that only takes credit or debit cards.  
Once you have parked, take the elevator to the "O.L." floor, which stands for Office Level. After your visit you can get a voucher for a reduced rate from the front desk. When leaving the garage you simply insert the voucher, and then your credit or debit card. You will be charged $6.00 for up to two hours.

Public Transportation

Harmony Professional Counseling is only two block from 30th Street Station, which offers access to all Regional Rail and Subway lines, and many bus routes. For more detailed information please go to SEPTA website. 

Building Access

There are two public entrances to 2400 Chestnut. The main lobby of the apartment building faces the Schuylkill River, and there is a rear entrance on 24th street. If you come in one of these entrances, you must take the elevator the Office Level aka the "O.L." button in the elevator. 
There is also a direct entrance to Harmony Professional Counseling off of Chestnut Street. To find it, look for the stairs at the rear of the building which go down from Chestnut to 24th Street. Our entrance is located at the first landing, six stairs down from Chestnut. Just ring the bell and you will be buzzed in to our waiting room. 
Handicap access is available by elevator from the main lobby, or the 24th street entrance. There is also a bicycle locking area located outside of the main lobby entrance.